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Green Syngonium Plant with White Square Pot


Plant Name Green Syngonium Plant
Plant Type Foliage Plant
Pot Name White 4-inch Plastic Pot
Plant Location Indoor or Semi-shade
Placements Shaded Balcony, Office desk, Tabletop, Study table, etc.

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  • It is also known as Green Syngonium, Variegated Syngonium Arrowhead, Arrowhead plant, American evergreen etc.
  • Protect the Syngonium plant from direct sunlight as it can cause damage to the foliage. Keep the plant in medium light locations.
  • This plant helps in reducing stress, anxiety, and sleep disorders.
  •  Its green and white leaves make it a decorative and popular house plant.
  • Check the soil with your finger before watering & once the soil is completely dried out, it’s time to water again.
  • The most common cause of the plant’s death is too much watering.
  • One of the best indoor plants and air purifiers.
  • Syngonium leaves start out heart-shaped and then gradually become arrowhead shaped as its matures.
  • Perfect choice for gifting to your loved ones.


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