About Us

We, Roots n Plants, sell unique & amazing pots with handpicked fresh plants through e-commerce platform. The firm was founded in February 2020 with an aim to make the country pollution free and your house interiors beautiful, fresh and green.

At Roots n Plants, we offer various range of high-quality pots and fresh live plants like ceramic pot, plastic pot, succulent plants, pollution-free plants, etc. at reasonable prices. We believe that indoor plants have lots of benefits like:

  • they add beauty to your interior spaces,
  • they capture the air pollutants in your rooms and release fresh air,
  • takes you closer to nature,
  • and relax your mind

But buying fresh plants with beautiful pots at a reasonable price is quite difficult on both online & offline platforms. Roots n Plants motive is to fill this gap and we are trying hard to achieve this goal.

We are currently serving the Delhi/NCR area but don’t worry, we are coming soon to your city too.